Thursday, September 9, 2010

Well Doc has me on antibiotics, and MUCH to my surprise said to use the gentian violet. So, here we go. She suspects that it may be the clogged duct still clogged up, and that there may be an infection in there stopping it from going away. I concur, because I just pump and saw floaters in my milk... so I think she may be right on the money!

And PRAISE GOD... because that dingy lady yesterday at the pharmacy forgot to order the violet! And the other pharmacy I usually use was out. AND it was gonna cost me $16. Well when I went to get my AB's, the lady found a small bottle in the back and it was only $3!!!  YAY!  So I can hopefully get some relief SOON. I am going to do my first treatment after I get home from picking up Ryan from school. Not looking forward to being purple... but I cannot wait to nurse my baby again. I can't believe how much I miss it.

Oh and hello milk! I am pumping 2 oz almost every single time! How exciting! I may just have a chance at a decent supply after all... even if I have to wait another 3 weeks for another supply of DPD.

Well this is it.. I am gonna go to my Doc's hopefully today. This pain won't subside no matter what I do. Maybe its more than thrush. I think it's time I admit that. I ordered Gentian Violet from the pharmacy yesterday so that should be here today sometime. I dunno. If it is mastitis, then I will be prescribed antibiotics, which will make me have even more yeast troubles than I already do. I will ask him if I can do the violet and the meds both. I am really hoping he will give me something for the pain. Ibuprofin doesn't touch it anymore. *sigh*  Please, someone tell me this is the last trouble we will have!!! 

The thing that torks me off the most I think, is that this all went down just after getting the DPD. So I have NO idea if this stuff is working because I am unable to efficently remove my milk, therefore sabotaging the whole process. I have considered just stopping and waiting until this is all over. Maybe I will do that. OR is it the one thing that has kept me from drying up? Nothing is ever easy for me.


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