Monday, October 25, 2010

Its mastitis again:(

Yup. For sure. I feel like HELL this morning (yes, that quickly from my morning post.)  I have been feeling over tired for days, but I always attributed it to something else. But righty is redder than before and hot to the touch on the red area. And Dalton is fussing like crazy at the breast, even though I am still having a good letdown. So, yeah. I called the nurses to get the OK to get the prescription for antibiotics refilled, but I just called and refilled it anyway. I know what it is. No need to drag the kids into the doc for this one. Especially on this UBER crappy weather day.

So, pump/nurse/pump and try to relax as much as humanly possible. And get ready for the thrush. Fuck.


Not that I didn't already know, lol. But the doc agreed (over the phone thank goodness) so she approved my refill and I am back to square one again with breast drama. My right nipple is tender too. I cannot believe I have to go through this again. But I am well prepared this time! Got all my ducks in a row and I will combat this quickly. I am really hoping that my grapefruit seed extract will do me some proactive justice. I am gonna up my dose to 3 a day again. Wish I could afford prebiotics. I may just pick up some yogurt today and start eating a bowl a day as well.

I guess when you ask for more milk, you gotta pay the price. *sigh*


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