Friday, October 29, 2010

I am an idiot!

Among other things... 

Yesterday I did not (and still do not) remember if I missed my 3 o'clock dose of meds. I panicked around 6 pm and thought oh crap I didn't! But then second guessed myself. Then panicked again. I took em to be sure. Then I was scared to take another dose around bedtime... and panicked again. And thought about taking them. Then balanced the issues between too many meds and not enough. I went with the lesser of two evils. A little lost milk vs. overdose... it was kind of a no brainer at that point. But I woke up with a raging headache which tells me somewhere in there, I missed a dose.  In conclusion, I am a freaking idiot. I am gonna buy one of those huge pill organizers now... with the days and the times on them so I can't screw up again!  HA!!!

SO last night Mr. Man decided that at 10:30 pm he needed to start his nursing marathon, which was off and on clear until 1:30am. Latch on, get a few drinks, pass out. 5 minutes later stir, latch on, take a few drinks, pass out. I marveled at my breasts and how they managed to accomodate him all night. Let down was quick and he was able to get what he wanted for that period of time. After that we got a stretch until 4 am, and I sat up to feed him so he would get a full belly. It worked until 6 am when we got up for the morning. We nursed untl 6:30, did hid usual morning supplement of 4 oz, and he is back out again. He is content, I am exhausted. And so the world turns once more.

On the COOL front, today I get to pick up a Baby K'Tan carrier to "try out." I am rally excited as it is very moby'ish, yet also a sling style as well. I have been daydreaming about a sling wrap for some time now.. and this one appears to be the best of both worlds! How COOL of her to offer! Thank you again, GJ Caring Hands Doula !!1  You are good peoples! I wish I could have just ONE more baby.. I would hire you in a second! And have a VBACII at home in a tub!


Marathon nursing I suppose is theme of the day today. He is not napping, and nursing like a mad man. Crying again.....

And nope he's out.

Wow... this is like some newborn nursing here. Must be YET another growth spurt? Teething? Grape flavored breasts? Who knows.


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