Friday, April 24, 2009

Why I love my In-Laws!

Yesh, a whole post dedicated the the people who MOST married couples fear the most! But this is why I am a lucky girl....

I am so blessed to have my Husband. He is beyond wonderful in so many ways! And part of this amazing package is his parents, who have taken care of me and my children as if we were their own!

4 years ago, when Andy and I started dating I was a single mom. Ryan was just barely 2. I can only imagine what his parents were thinking when their ONLY Son brings home a woman, 7 years his elder, AND his boss at the time, with her 2 year old in tow. I mean, it's not exactly the picture perfect scenario you would want for your 20 year old. But we hit it off... Andy's dad is seriously my own fathers twin. They act the same in every way. It was so easy to get along with him, lol. We started bantering the first day we met, and are still at it to this day! Its awesome.

His Mom was a little scarier at first, only because I am a Mom and know what standards I hold for my Sons. I decided to be myself, and only myself. If she liked me, great. If not, oh well, i did my best and did not make any false representation. She is an amazing woman. We get along like best friends.

From day 1, they treated me as if I were their daughter. When my broke ass van took a shit, they were there to help me get it fixed. When it proved unfixable, they sold me their car for a VERY fair price and gave me an extended loan. They bought me Christmas gifts the first year we were together. Invited me to dinners, breakfasts, even bought me dishes for my home. Mind you, Andy and I were simply dating at this point. when we broke up for a short period, Andy;s father called me crying. He was devastated that we had broken up. when I told him why, he said he completely understood and was actually upset with Andy for "losing the best thing he ever had."

But most of all... most importantly... is how they treated Ryan. My biggest fear as a single Mom was finding a good man, but having everyone treat Ryan as a stepkid. The very thought makes me cry to this day. I was a package... you take me, you take my Son. I had very strict rules about this, and swore to myself and my baby that NO ONE would ever treat him sub-par. Andys parents took Ryan in as if he were their own grandbaby. Honestly, without JR and Cathy, I don't know how we would have made it. It took Ryan a long time before he called them Grandma and Grandpa.... but he is there now. And, when Everit was born, I was actually afraid that Ryan would lose his "place" in their hearts. NOT even close... they just continue to love him the way they always have.

JR and Cathy, you are amazing people. Every day you do so much for us. Even the tiniest things, like a card for our anniversary. You are thoughtful, kind, and downright amazing. I know that there is probably no chance I could ever pay you back for all the things you have done for me. But I hope you know that I feel as much love for you as I do my own parents. Thank you.


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