Monday, April 20, 2009

I don't follow through very well do I? Forgive me...

So, I am pregnant. 9 weeks 3 days according to the Docs EDD... and I am HUGE. HUGE. I look 5 months already. All the people on my birth board and facebook are all standing by with massive curiousity about how many I am having. Truth is, I think I am just fat.

I would love multiples. LOVE IT! What a blessing that would be! But I do feel that it is just one. And the stupid part? I feel like I am letting all those people down, lol... like if it is just one they will all be dissapointed. I think I will be too. I am so happy to be pregnant again! But I guess I am feeling a little selfish. DH says he is just happy there is at least one, and prays for it to be healthy and strong like our boys are. Hes so zen about these things. Wish I could be. I am so damn worried about everyone else I haven't even allowed myself to feel happy or blessed. Sad really.

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  1. Deidre said...
    pish posh, you wont be letting anyone down!

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