Tuesday, April 28, 2009

There *SHE* is! The newest Benson! Measuring in at 9 weeks 6 days... just a few days off of the docs due date (which I knew was off anyway!) so right on target! *SHE* had a heartrate of 174 BPM... the boys always came in around the 160's... so I know that *SHE* must be a *SHE*! At least, thats what we are hoping for!

SO, we were a little disappointed. At least I was. Andy would never say. I know twins would be way too much to handle, especially with Everit being so young still. But I guess I got my hopes hope, and when that happens, they have to come down somehow. What I am thankful for is a happy healthy little twitching bean!

My pregnancy this far has been SO different from the boys. I am SO MUCH moodier. Bad moody. I WILL KILL YOUR SORRY ASS IF YOU EVEN ATTEMPT TO LOOK AT ME FUNNY MOODY. It is a daily struggle to keep sane. And the cravings are opposite. All I want is candy and cakes and cookies and ice cream. I don't even like that food! Honestly! And broccoli, which has always been my favorite veggie now tastes like dirty socks. I had asparagus (another favorite) the other day that tasted like poo... its just so strange to be eating on the other side of the fence.

Another thing is the strange appetite fluctuations. I was SO hungry in the beginning... this last week I have been eating like a bird really. I TRY to eat, but I just can't handle more than a few bites at a time. This is not normal for me, lol.. pregnancy or otherwise. Nothing really sounds good, except for the junk food of course. *sigh* 30 weeks to go....


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