Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What a Beautiful Day!

Its quite lovely outside, and for once my attitude is not POO! Huzzah! So we went for a leisurely stroll..well, as leasurely as 2 kids and one dog can get. Alaska the wonder mutt really gave Ryan a workout! I am still pondering who took who for a walk. And of course, in the end, it was ME holding the leash and pushing the stroller, lol. I love my boys!

I was planning on cleaning today, but I thought, why? I cleaned yesterday! HA! And I am pregnant, and I DONT HAVE TO! My bedroom is a blah mess... clothes stacked up (not dirty ones!) and need to be organized. I need to weed out the clothes Everit grew out of, blend in some clothes he will be fitting in soon. And I also need to air out and fluff the rest of my maternity garb seeing as how I am now in full time preggo gear.

We are now approaching the witching hour... 2:30. This is the time that I get to nap! So I am off to put the Mighty Bing to sleep!


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