Monday, June 8, 2009

9 days later...

Wow its been over a week already since the "day". Seems like forever really. Time has slowed down to a sad sad crawl. I want AF to get here, hurry up and get here again, so I can TTC the next baby! Hell, I just want to have sex. 6 weeks? Are you kidding me? Who on earth can go 6 weeks without some lovin'? Not I, says me! I am horny as hell. So is Andy. Ack.

Everit is teething like a madman. Its the eyeteeth about to break through. Poor little dude. He had a rough weekend with a teething fever and general ickiness. And of course his napping schedule is entirely out of wack now. Love him to death but when he goes off schedule during the day all hell breaks loose. I hope they pop out now. Now would be great!

Ryan has been so much better the last few days. Like I have my Son back, almost. Lord, please let this go one for a while. I need a break from the neverending defiance. I know, that somehow kids sense you are at your weakest moment, and Then they ATTACK! I haven't the strength to fight with him right now. I pray he continues on a better path.

Wow, im boring.

I need a hobby.

Oh, I have to say this though. Wow, have I lost weight! I don't own a scale, so I go by how I look and feel. I may be WAY off... but I feel at least 10-12 lbs lighter than I was pre-preg. My fat pants are loose! Not quite into my thin ones yet, but wow what a difference. I think I must have been retaining some serious water! I have been going like a mad woman too though. Just running around everywhere it seems, trying to stay busy and keep my mind elsewhere. Anyhoo, it feels nice. Hope to lose 10 more or so before I get PG again. That would be great! Maybe I won't look like a house by 8 weeks this time!

Ah the tooth monster screams... off I go. Good thing, I was boring myself to death... Can't even imagine how you, the reader feels. I bet you wish you had that time back, don't you? Well, I offer no refunds for lame blog posts. Sorry.


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