Thursday, June 18, 2009

Have you ever felt...???

Like you were perched on the edge of something so enormous you could not even see the other side? I feel that way right now... like something is going to happen. Good, bad, crazy, I have no clue!! I cannot say if I am going to fly or fall at this point, but I am full of excitement and wonder right now. This is not meant to be any more mysterious as it sounds (as I am not currently harboring any secrets that would shake the earth, lol,) but I just have that feeling.... something is happening. Its coming, and its coming fast. My heart is beating faster right now even as I type this.

So many of my friends and family have been reaching out and going for their dreams... and I myself have embarked on some endevours as well. Maybe its all of it? Maybe there are about 500 wonderful blessings that are gonna pop all at once! I just don't know!!!

Wow, this is spooky and crazy and exciting all at once! Stay tuned, friends! This is gonna be big!


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