Sunday, June 14, 2009

Keep your eye on God...

This was part of the message today, and the one that hit me the hardest. Especially hard, if you read this blog I wrote just a few days before:

At all times, we need to keep our eye on God. And we don't. I definitely do not. I look back at him most times. Do what I do, walk away from Him because I know it's wrong, and then I force myself to look back and say, please forgive me. This is the wrong way.

Also, today, we became members of our church. I asked what my responsibilities were now that I was a member. The answer was simple and very poignant. SHARE THE GIFT THAT YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN. That gift, being salvation of course. How long have I held onto this, keeping it safe and sound like a little secret between me and God? A long long time. That is also, the wrong way. This gift, this immense blessing of Faith is not for mine to keep and covet. I need to share this. Looking back on Taylins story, which you can find here on my favorite place to be,

Reading through the responses that were received, I realized how her story reached others in a way I never thought it would. If even ONE person reading that looked away from themselves and towards God at that moment, then I have shared the best gift of all. And the beauty of it is, until today, I was completely unaware that may have happened! How easy was that, to share the Lord with someone? Surely, it can be as simple in real life!

I feel very convicted to do something, anything to get the word out that God is good. I have shed that fear of people looking down at me, or thinking me a fanatic or some crazy cult member. Heck, if this is a cult, then sign me up. I don't care what stigma this carries with it. I love the Lord, I love the blessings that I receive, and I would LOVE to share this with anyone who will listen. I don't know my scripture... I have never even fully read my bible... but in time I will learn the tools needed to spread the word effectively. And like Pastor said today, I need to take that leap of FAITH. I will NEVER get anywhere if I don't leave my circle of comfort.

Blog readers, I want to talk to you. About the Lord. Lets teach each other. Let me share my story, and I would love to hear yours.


  1. Khourt said...
    Awesome post Joee. I was reading a few weeks back something from a member of my church and it was along the lines of a story.. Two people had died and were in heaven.. They met up and had known each other here on Earth. One guy knew God on earth.. the other didnt.. The guy who didnt was questioning the guy who did and asking why he never shared God and Gods plan with him. The guy that didnt know God on earth saw it as him being kept away from Salvation because nobody told him of God.
    Joee said...
    Amen to that! Everyone should at least have the opportunity to hear of Him and his mercy and love... hard for me to imagine making any other choice, but at least that option would be there for them!

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