Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Current Status:

So I have a TTC journal posted on another site CLICK ME that gives out the most details, but I thought I would give a brief update here as well:

Spotting has been MIA for a full 27 hours, yahoo! And I did get a test, and got a beautiful BFN (whoever thougth I would be typing those words together, lol!) So looks as if my body is doing what it should, and I am now waiting on my first PP AF. YEAAAAHOOOOEY!

Ryan has been giving us a neverending parental challenge... after much discussion with him and DH both, I think we have all found a common ground and will all be making an effort towards change!

Everit will be ONE in 10 days! OMG! Party planning is underway.

Thats it. Dont feel creative today, lol.


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