Wednesday, July 1, 2009

After feeling quite anguished yesterday over this whole 11:11 thing, and praying feverishly for God to give me an answer about prayers were answered today!

As the the last blog post stated, everything 11:11 seems to be connected to numerology, and some Unitarian "Light Spirit" crap that reeks FAR to heavily of Wicca related poop for my taste. Basically, a load of shit that I refuse to believe, as it goes against my beliefs completely. I am not going to say its EVIL. I cannot make that judgement. But I got this answer today, after reading some guys article about his experience with 11's. The article read fairly well, no mention of Angels whispering or spirits talking. It spoke of opening a door, so to speak, when the phenomena occurred and take heed what you are doing at that moment... supposedly whatever you are participating in, or thinking when you see 11 it is the RIGHT thing, and should be pursued further. Seems logical enough to me surely. Then I clicked a link at the bottom of his page that said something about Christianity... NOT OK WITH WHAT I SAW THERE. The article was about shedding all the former beliefs about Christianity..STOP GOING TO CHURCH! Was in bold letters... I barely skimmed a paragraph...then it hit me...

11:11 is bad. Bad for me. Bad for a Christian person who is trying every day to become a better Christian and strengthen her relationship with God. In essence, the devil is trying to distract me. I am at a very critical moment in my personal development. A make or break kind of deal I guess. I NEED to step forward in one direction or the other, and the devil realizes this and is doing what he can to get me back. Why you ask? Because since I have been feeling his anxious, something is coming don't know what to do feeling I have been bombarded with signs and urges I had long since shed. I have not questioned my faith per say, but have been wondering about many things that maybe I should just take as is.

So, you are reading this and thinking, Joee, seriously? God and the Devil fighting over you? OH PULEAZE! But in reality, it happens to most Christians every day. This just happens to be a very profound moment in time, something I have been made aware of because big things are coming. My faith is being tested harder than ever. I have lost a child. We are in financial stress. God is pushing hard, Devil is pulling too, and I am under pressure like I have never been before.

HAHHA!!! guess what? My faith will not be shaken. I will never renounce my Love for the Lord Jesus and our God. I believe in the scripture. I believe in kindness. I believe that war is coming, and is necessary. If it comes to pass that I am forced to renounce my faith, or face death? I take death gladly. I love my children and my husband. I love my family and my friends. I pray for them, and for all people that need faith in this world. I pray for the people that even though they will never except Jesus, that they do not suffer a terrible fate.

Another thing... a reason I guess I believe all this to be what it is. Mentioned again, in a previous post. My peace with Taylin...its not of this earth. I do not feel grief. I am not sad, upset, shaken, scared by the fact that we lost her. I am at peace with that. And a peace that strong and beautiful can only come from one place. ;)

Whats next? Ah I breathe a sigh of relief, keep steady on my path to happiness, and stay away from the things that make me second guess where I should be, or what I should be doing. Are changes coming? Absolutely. Am I gonna be ready for them? Heck yes! I have nothing to fear. If I lose everything I have, I still have the Lord and the promise of Eternal life in a place called Heaven. That being said, I am still human... and no doubt will stumble along the way.



  1. Bing said...
    Hi Joee Lee Ann

    I'm just dropping by to say that I apologize for not mentioning my regrets on the loss of your daughter. I, too, lost a daughter, our only child, in 1982. She passed due to a drowning accident three days before Christmas. She was ten years old. I can only sympathize and empathize with you and let you know that she is indeed and certainly in the arms of angels. My heart goes out to you and your husband at the loss of this beautiful child.

    I read your continuing blog on 1111 sightings and I hope that you were not refering to my suggestions in your response. I reread my blog and I couldn't find anything that I feel would intentionally upset anyone. It is my firm belief to not push anyone in any direction that they are not comfortable with. I only seek to pass on information that I have learned in my research and let others come to their own conclusions.

    From my point of view, and that of all the research that I have done, the prompts are angelic in nature. It really threw me for a loop when I first started to receive them, but after some indepth research and thinking I thought "well, I've been praying to Jesus and the angels for years for guidance, I guess that I shouldn't be too surprised that they are now talking

    There is nothing evil in the nature of these time prompts and they have nothing to do with Wicca or any particular sect, cult or individual religion. They are a method of communication between the lower level angels, archangels, celestials and you. People from all countries, nations, races, colour, creed,age, and working background are receiving the prompts. They are not in conflict with, but an addition to, your present beliefs. In other words you have progressed to a point where you can actually begin to help more people with your examples of humor, goodness and selfless love. As you begin to get used to the 11:11 prompts you will be given more synchronicities to observe such as the hour on the clock plus :22 or :33 or :44 etc... . You may also begin to notice licence plates of cars that "just happen" to pull in front of you have these number prompts, as well as, sales slips and addresses. This is all angelic in nature. Yes the angels need you, Joee Lee Ann, to help them raise the levels of Light, Life and Love in this world. You asked for a sign well, this is it. They have come knocking on your door, or more specifically on your clock.

    A great small book that would be of help to you is Doreen Virtue's " Angel Numbers"

    A great site to go to where you will find out a lot of great information and meet some very lovely people from all over the world is:

    www dot 1111 Angels dot com

    Another site all about angels and the encounters that some people have had with them is:

    www dot angels dash online dot com

    There are many millions of people receiving these prompts at this time. We are all being asked to release ourselves from fear and prejudice and begin to live in a more loving manner with each other just like Jesus suggested in his teachings.

    I have a wealth of angel information, sites and links that I can send to you if you want to continue your own research into the phenomenon of the time prompts and angelic contacts. I will repeat again that it is not, nor will it ever be, my intention to force my opinions on anyone. I just wish to share what I have and let others find their own paths to further enlightment.

    If you wish to contact me in the future to talk or share your opinions on these or any topics I can be reached at binghaley at hotmail dot com.

    May you and your family find peace, love and happiness in this life.

    Throw some love into the wind
    Joee said...
    Oh heavens! I was not at all offended by your post Bing (odd, that is my Sons nickname!) I am scared by this for so many reasons. I am a very deep roots Christian. I do not pray to Angels, because it is only Jesus and God that we pray to. I believe in Angels, and believe I have been blessed by them many times. But something about this doesn't sit right with me. I get a very strange feeling, and all the research I have done just screams againsrt by beliefs. I am torn, no doubt. but I am not at all offended or disturbed by your contacting me. In fact, I appreciate your reaching out. And I am sorry for your loss as well. I am scared to research further, only because I feel as If I am being torn from God when I do... I can't explain that, its just a feeling. Like a little kid doing something naughty...I get butteflies in my tummy.

    I am gonna wait this out a bit. Try to calm myself, get through this strange strange time in my life, and see if something does not come of it.

    Thank you for contacting me, I know that there is a reason for everything I will not discount this or you. God Bless!
    Bing said...
    Hi Again Joee Lee Ann

    Well, I'm glad to hear that everything is alright between us and please say hello to little Bing for me.

    Yes, this can be a real shaker when it happens to you. I should have also suggested to take your time with researching the prompts. It really does take some getting used to. It is one thing to talk to the angels and Jesus, but it is really something else when they talk back!!! LOL

    As I said in my last post don't worry about this being something evil. It is very definitely not. You have been recognized as someone who can help them do their work. Do indeed take your time. Take all the time in the world. Take a big breath and relax. One thing you can do is say thank you every time you see one. Some people make a wish when they see one.Gradually, very gradually, you will come to be more comfortable with them in your life. The last thing they want to do is scare the bejeepers out of you.

    When this first started happening to me I definitely thought I was going nuts. Then after I learned more I became a lot more relaxed. When I mentioned the prompts to some other people I would get one of two reactions. The first was "You see them too!", or they would smile nervously and check to see if I was between them and the door. LOL

    To me there is no "us and them" only "us". So, Jesus and I took a walk together and we've been close buddies ever since. In my research I have found out a lot about his early life and what he was thinking about during his time here on earth. I have learned that each and every thought and action is like a pebble tossed into a pond; the ripples go in all directions and change everything.

    There is a new world coming and it will not be like the world that we presently know. The children that are now being born are going to be much more spiritually enlightened than we are. I don't know if you have heard of the terms Star children or Crystal children. About 40 percent of these children have two additional genetic markers that enable them to be more closely aligned with the spiritual side. What we would regard as something extrodinary will be quite natural to them. Most people have an I.Q. of 100 or thereabouts. It will not be unusual for these children to have I.Q.'s of 140 to 150. That puts them in the top 2-3 percent of the present population.

    Another thing that you may have heard about is the year 2012 and the end of the Mayan Calendar. Some think that this will herald the end of the world at 1111 P.M. on Dec 21. This is untrue. All that it will herald is my 62nd birthday. I was born at that exact time in 1950. So as you can see, unknown to me, 1111 has been with me for some time.

    As I said earlier, take your time and relax about the prompts. They are not evil nor are they representative of anything misleading. They are an addition to your present knowledge and can be a great source of personal comfort in your life. Jesus has your name in his personal notebook. You have caught his eye and he is very pleased with your life. The prompts are his way of letting you know you are going in the right direction. If at some point you wish to take another baby step just let me know and I will be very happy to help you. I am quite sincere in this statement. I am a very, very dedicated Light Worker and I am on the Divine Love Path. My spirit, mind soul and body are dedicated to the work of Jesus and his message of love for everyone. All you have to do is contact me at my e-mail address or make a post on this site and I will respond. I want you and your husband to know that I will include you in my daily prayers and ask for Divine Love to be sent to you. Take care of each other and love your little guys each and every day.

    Throw some love into the wind
    Joee said...
    Thank you, very much. I feel better now. I am sorry for making irrational conclusions about your "interests" When I see the words "Light Worker" I automatically assume astrology, which is a scary place for Chrisitan, because it is so unclear as to how much merit we are to put into that subject.

    You are obviously a very sweet person, and I appreciate you talking with me...
    Joee said...
    OH, and my Son (my 6 year old) was born at exactly 11:12 am...
    Bing said...
    Hi Again

    No, I am not an astrologist. I was interested in astrology when I was a teenager, as I found out that girls really liked to hear all about how great they were!LOL Hey, make it work for you!

    No, to me the term Lightworker means someone who has stepped outside the boundaries of "organized" religion and is working directly one on one with each and every soul that they meet. When I start to feel the "us and Them" begin to creep into my mind I imagine a big star right in the middle of the forehead of the person I am looking at and this helps me to see their spirit and not the casing that they are enclosed inside of. That points out to me that there is no colour, race, age, or any other difference between us. We are all the children of our Divine Creator. There is a light around each and every one of us. We are all one with the source of all. This is why I sign each of my posts and e-mails with the phrase "Throw some love into the wind". Every day I imagine myself going about my life and throwing little tiny heart shaped specks of love everywhere that I go. It floats on the wind and gets caught in peoples hair, on their faces and they even breath it in. It makes them sparkle and smile at each other. It is something akin to being a spiritual Johnny Appleseed. It all starts with a smile to a stranger, a "thank you", a "you're welcome", a "here let me help you with that". That is all it takes and you're on your way to being a Lightworker. My Lightworker theme song is "This Little Light of Mine". I really get a little choked up when I watch it on You Tube and sing along with the Kingston Trio. I feel sooo happy that the love feels like it is coming right out of my pores. I feel sooo much love for everyone that I cry tears of happiness and joy. It is a real amazing experience to have Divine Love in your life.

    There are many Lightworker organizations around the world. Some of them go by the names of "Red Cross", Care, Doctors Without Borders, Amnesty International, etc... . I recently saw a TED network video that said if you read the name of every organization that was built on love It would take three days to finish reading the names. The world is filled with love. Don't believe the fearmongers. I have chosen to work on my own. I let my little light shine in my own way.

    It has been great chatting with you today. I would like to send you three short videos, but this site does not accept URL addresses. I want you to have a great day.

    Throw some love into the wind

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