Wednesday, September 15, 2010

the Domperidone is a SUCCESS!!  I have so much more milk than I ever did! I fed him exclusively breast last night and this morning!  And with more milk, he is more patient at the breast, and eats more. Yeah, that stuff is the BOMB.

I am SO sad I have to wait so long for my next shipment. I talked with Andy, and he told me if I feel its worth it then we will buy it. I really really do... I feel strongly if I keep going with it I may reach EBF status within a month or two! Or at least 90%! 

So Friday I will order more, and PRAY it doesn't take the full 2 weeks to arrive again. Although it most likely will, so I will prepare myself for that. But getting a 64 day supply, I won't run short and I can keep this miracle working. This very pricey miracle, lol.

I am nervous about keeping my supply good while waiting. I will have to stay disciplined, and not get frustrated. I will have to pump often. I will have to make this work. I CAN do this!!  Heck, this is a cakewalk compared to all the crap we have been through thus far LOL!

FARK FARK!!  I am out of Fenugreek seed too... and blessed thistle. All I have are 5 Mothers Milk tea Bags. FARK!  Ok now I am very nervous about my supply.... Oh say a prayer for me!


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