Thursday, September 23, 2010

So I may be losing my mind, but I think that YES 48 hours after the DPD I am already making more milk! Praise God! I guess the title is a bit conservative... because it is an enormous difference from last week. I think this is a combo of the herbs and the DPD. I cannot even express my excitement at having enough to take this higher dose, and be able to allow the medication to work to its full potential!

ON the downside of this... I really cannot make a decision on whether or not I want to start pumping as of yet. Yes yes, more milk removed is more  milk made... but as I am not yet making a lot milk, I am loathe to pump inbetween. I would rather Dalton get used to milk being at the breast again VS. making him work his butt off for a few drops. My gut says that as long as I BF on demand for now and allow those meds to get into my system then I can enjoy another pump free week or so. I'm gonna go with that for now. If I notice I am making alot more milk then I will start pumping again.

SO another thing I have been considering: If this DPD brings me to a full (or over) supply I think I may start a freezer stash! He is used to and comfortable with the formula for now. Why not take a month to freeze away some of my milk, get ahead of myself a bit. By doing this I will have my BM on hand for emergencies. If we can't afford the formula and I can't BF for some reason, well we will have a little nest egg to fall back on! A BM savings account of sorts!

And on a final note for today:  I love breastfeeding. This is everything I dreamed it could be. Yes the struggle can wear on me at times, but it is SO FLIPPIN WORTH IT. I want to be an advocate for breastfeeding. I have no formal education, but I feel that the problems I have encountered and endured make me a great candidate for encouraging other women to stick with it. I may look into this today If I find the time. Our local LLL is lacking in support... I would love to help bring it back!


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