Saturday, August 14, 2010

5 weeks 2 days!!!


OMGOSH! Im so excited! This morning was awesome!

He slept his lovely 6 hour stretch (love this kid!) and when we woke up my boobs were fuller then they have EVER been. I mean, I thought I was going to burst. They have been full before, but this was crazy full. I had to pump a little to get him to latch on. At first, I thought we were gonna have a repeat of previous mornings, but he surprised the hell out of me! He latched on and ate for 10 minutes straight! Then to lefty for 8 minutes, then back to righty for another 5. And then the miracle happened. HE GOT FULL. AND SLEPT. For another 3 hours!!!!

And I noticed something really cool too... when he emptied my breast, he had it done in record time. By the 3 minute mark I already felt "less full" then I do with 15 minutes of pumping.

We have had great nursing all morning long... hes fussing for a top off so Im gonna give him a few oz of formula! Oh wow if we keep going like this I may not need it at all!!!


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