Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Well yesterday did not go as planned. My friend Maria had other priorities... so I got stood up. S'ok... kinda expected that anyway.

Made a beef stew that turned out wonderful.

It was a nice day though. The boys were in a good mood as was I. We had fun at Wally World, and of course Ryan talked me into a new DS game. I feel like its a waste, but its the one thing he actually plays with on a daily basis. And he is SUCH a good boy I can't deny him happiness.

TODAY.. well lemme start by saying I am once again sleep deprived and extremely tired and all the other bad things that go along with it. I cannot continue on like this. My body hurts, my head hurts, my soul hurts. Days Like this I feel like getting pregnant was a HUGE mistake and I am not gonna be able to cope when this baby comes.

Lord give me strength, or at least SOME SLEEP. If I GOT SLEEP then I wouldn't need strength, right? Riiiight.

So we are gonna go to Bananas today. My friend wants to cut my hair this afternoon. And not to be a dick about it, but I am not in the mood for company. I am praying the boys play extra hard and we can all nap when we get home. This is what we need.

Monday, March 8, 2010

So begins Spring break for Squidman. 8 straight days of being at homeyness... will we survive? Its hard to say.

Today we have a small event... ok well two. Run to the store, and HOPEFULLY my friend Maria comes to trim my hair, bringing with her Ryan's former schoolmate Omiah. And of course Micah (Omiahs little brother.) Hopefully this will yield positive results! The boys can tear up the house whilst I get beautified! Looking forward to seeing my crazy ass friend!

Tomorrow is a bit up in the air. Depending on Maria's schedule, and if I can manage to coordinate with my cousin Kellye, we may be going to Bananas (a local overpriced and overrated fun park.) If Bananas is not happening, I may load up and take the boys to the community pool for germs and whatnot. Swimming is awesome exercise. And swimming in urine I hear can help you look younger!

Wednesday should be chill. I will need to get some laundry done, and surely will need to put my house back together after 2 days of boy happiness. In the afternoon time I will stop by Sonic and pick up lunch for my grandparents and take Squiddles McSquiddly to their house for an overnight er. Spend a few hours than come home and RELAX for a few before Andrew gets home!

Thursday will be eventful. Me and the Stink have a doc appointment at 11:00 am... after that we will go treat ourselves to a lunch! That is provided my Son does not do the "OMG I CANT DO ANOTHER MINUTE IN THE CAR" screaming session. Again, staying optimistic and holding out for good results. Maybe I can even find another adult human to have lunch with? Eh... lets not wish for to much at one time, shall we? I will pick up Squid Squid Bo Bid in the afternoon sometime! And begin the G-Unit deprogramming session. Always an adventure.

Friday is COMPLETELY open thus far and I have no idea what will happen. I was seriously considering taking the boys to see a movie. But then I remembered who my children were, namely the toddler, and thought better of it. Can't exactly expect the Stink to sit in a theater for an entire film... can't fathom leaving Ryan by himself in a theater while I am forced to remove said toddler. So, yeah. I am guessing this will probably not happen. But man does theater popcorn sound good. Wish we could sneak in just to buy a tub of the stuff and leave!

So if I don't get lame like I ALWAYS DO I will try to update daily about my goings on...

Friday, March 5, 2010

Let me start by saying, I am thankful, thankful, thankful to be pregnant. So don't any of my 2 readers (am I being generous there) think I am unhappy or ungrateful...but I gotta vent.

Ryan has brought home yet another cold, which I promptly caught. My doctor, who I love and trust to pieces is on the conservative side when it comes to meds, so he basically refuses to assist in any way. NOT that there are so many options for a knocked up lady... but hell anything would be better than what I have for defense now, which is basically nothing. Hot tea. Orange Juice. Soft tissues. Sleeping sitting up. Yeah.

So here I am, 5 long nights into this unrelenting congestion. I CANNOT sleep to save my life. I get 30 minute to 1 hour stretches. Thats it. Then its awake for another hour or so, then back to sleep. Add in hip pain and my overactive bladder, yeah. Im getting maybe 4 hours a night.

Yesterday, the exhaustion and the hormones decided to get together and have a party. So I was on the brink of despair all day long. Everything made me cry. Everything made me mad. And you know, once you get into the self destructive path, theres no stopping the snowball of bad consequences.

Kudos to my Andy, who let me alone. He asked about my day, I said you don't wanna know how bad it really was. He asked if he could help. I said, yeah... Im going to bed after I make dinner. Bless the man, he nodded his head, ate his dinner, kissed me good night and I didn't hear a word from him until this morning. Im glad he knows when I need to be alone. Any sort of communication with me last night more than likely would not have ended well.

Well this is a new day. I feel terrible, I am still beyond tired, I think last night was one of the worst nights for sleep this week. But I refuse to allow the negativity overwhelm me today. Its payday, we need some things. Maybe a little retail therapy will take my mind of my misery!

OH, and I promise to blog more :::eyeroll:::