Friday, February 20, 2009


WOOT on earth could make me sit in front of my computer for hours on end? How in the WOOT did I end up buying a BAG OF CRAP and being happy about it? I just don't know WOOT possessed me to purchase pisatchios from a place that has refurbished WOOT... and what the in the HOLY WOOT am I gonna do WOOT a Bowling Game?

WOOT I will tell you is, I had the time of my life! And I cannot WOOT for the next WOOT OFF. I never WOOT have thought online shopping could be such an invigorating experience.... a big WOOT to my friends who WOOTED around with me (oh, and don't forget got me COMPLETELY ADDICTED). WOOT an experience it was.

Until the next WOOT, I will be silently cherishing every WOOT-liscious moment. WOOT dreams, BAG OF CRAP wishes....

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  1. Deidre said...
    you are a nut!

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