Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Brotherly Love

Well now that my mood has lightened I think my Blog will as well! A little story from this morning that might pull at your heartstrings a bit:

Ryan is a very sensitive little dude... and his heart is so big sometimes it just overflows. This morning the boys were on the living room floor playing. I walked back into the room to find Ryan all sullen. I asked him what was wrong. He let go of a flood of tears that would make the Hoover Dam look like a duck pond! Through his heaving sobs, he said that Everit would not hold his hand, and that he was afraid it would mean the end of their friendship! (insert Mommy crying now). I picked him and and held him and tried everything I could to explain that Everit does, and always will love him and think of him as his Best Friend. That he was a baby, and he just did not understand the importance of holding hands. Ryan heaved, just not understanding why his brother, his BEST FRIEND, wouldn't comply with his request. I sat down on the floor with both of them in my lap (its amazing to me, by the way, how you always have room for all your children). By this time, Everit was getting upset. If big brother crys, he crys too. So he had his bottom lip stuck out like a bottom drawer that was left open. And, as if Everit understood what it was he had to do, he reached out and grabbed Ryans hand. Ryans eyes lit up like Christmas morning. And Everit just grinned like a fool. Sweetest damn thing I ever saw.

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  1. Sarah said...
    Oh my Joee, that brought tears to my eyes!!!

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