Monday, February 9, 2009


Faith is personal. Very personal. I don't give a hoot where anyone's faith stems from (with the exception of Satan, of course). I DO care that people have it. God is my choice. Jesus Christ is my choice. Christianity is my choice. I believe in it. I believe in the powers of prayer and positive thinking. I believe that humanity is not entirely absent of faith.

Why have I been blessed in this life? I ask that question out loud because I really need to explore this. I have not always been a good person. I have sinned. I have been addicted. I have spewed hateful words and hurtful thoughts at nearly every person who tried to help me in those deep dark times of my life. I abandoned God and my faith. I believe there was even a time or two I completely renounced it. So why is it that I stand here today a whole person with Faith an happiness and blessings? I DON'T EVEN GO TO CHURCH! I mean, isn't happiness and contentment saved for those who give their Sundays to God? Pay their tithe regularly? Get on their knees and pray like its going out of style? I am not this person. Yet, I have been blessed time and time again.

Thank you Lord, for these blessings. I am not a perfect Christian. I am not even worthy of praise. Yet you continue to show me that things are gonna be OK. I do not understand all the things you do, or why a person such as myself has been chosen to be blessed. But I know I am. And I am thankful. Amen.


  1. Khourt said...
    Amen sister!! I too have been ├╝ber blessed, yet Ive been the worst person, worst mother, worst Christian ever. Its funny how that works... And woohoo! I made your first comment.
    Deidre said...
    I absolutely love you!!! This is what it is all about! It is not about being perfect, or even being a good Christian, but where your heart lies.

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