Monday, February 23, 2009

Where is my Creativity?

Have YOU seen it? Because I have misplaced it somewhere... I looked under the bed and only found dust bunnies (apparently they have had a few kids since I looked last). I looked behind the dresser, and only found a pair of underwear that my waistline (or lack thereof) no longer supports. I looked in the fridge, and something in there was singing a showtune, so I quietly closed the door and backed away. The bathtub looked clean, and unless you count the shampoo bottle rings as modern art, It was not there either.

So... where does inspiration come from? I have been traveling the web, clicking on anything and everything that involves scrapping and nothing has appealed to me AT ALL! I want to reach deep down and find that inner craft mogul... but I am afraid she has gone to Mexico with Toot (thats an inside joke, so don't hurt yourself trying to figure that out).

Stay tuned to see if I locate and capture this missing link...

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  1. Deidre said...
    I sat here trying to come up with a good rebuttal, but came up with nothing.

    Sorry you lost your mojo.

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