Monday, January 3, 2011

A new YEAR!!

No, I couldn't really think of a more clever title for this post. Like most people I have set goals for this year, as well as things I plan on avoiding. In no particular order, here is what I would like for my life in this coming year:

More positive thinking.
More Prayer.
Recognizing my Family's birthdays and anniversary's with cards (and watching them all fall over in shock)
More Patience, particularly with my Boys.
Spend more "alone" time with my Husband.
Weight loss... 25+ lbs by June and 50+ lbs by December.
Be more active and more playful with my Boys.
Supplement Andrews income somehow part time work (OR working from home)
Settle my personal debt.
Get our "marriage" finalized and change my last name.
Get my Colorado Drivers License. (seriously!!  DO THIS!)
Get to California to see my family.
Try some new recipes (try not to kill my family in the process).
Take some occasional ME time.
Less time on Facebook.
Blog at least once a day one of my blogs.
Return the kindness I have been shown.

Things I WONT be doing in 2011:

Getting pregnant.
Having a Baby.
Getting pregnant.
Having a baby.
Getting pregnant.
Overeating.... only occasionaly.

There you have my lofty goals. Acutally I was quite pleased with 2010 and the person I was. When not pregnant I think I am an OK kinda gal, or at least I try. If I just wake up and try to be the best person I can that day and forgive my occasional bad moment this year should work out just fine!


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