Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Oooh am I ever sore. A good sore. I feel it in my legs mostly, but in my arms too. And I noticed that I did not have the same hip and back pain I usually wake up with every morning. Feeeel the burn!

I came in just under 1800 calories yesterday, and also managed to keep my fat within range as well. I am a little nervous about cutting back so fast but I just don't have the variety of foods in the house to jump the calories without the fat involved. I guess time will tell what this may do to my supply. I am going to shoot for 2000 today, by planning a little more ahead. I was really surprised by how NOT hungry I was yesterday. For so long I have loaded up on huge breakfasts, snacked until dinnertime and scarfed again. I guess there is something to the "eat small meals" idea. I never thought I could do it, but here I am no worse for the wear!

I would like to reiterate, to myself and to others that I am not dieting... I am not making irrational food choices, replacing any meals with liquids, swallowing pills or even shaking powder on my food. I am changing my entire lifestyle. Right now it is about calorie counting and measuring portions because I need to learn what a real serving size is. I need to understand the difference between a chicken nugget and a real chicken breast. What I used to consider a normal size salad I realize now could have been an entire meal in itself. I need to educate myself on what healthy choices are, how to choose them, how to control my food intake. This is not going to be my "thing" this is going to be my LIFE. I don't plan on ending this when I have lost my weight... I plan on doing this for the duration. I am not getting any younger and my body is not going to bounce back on it's own anymore. This will require discipline from me. I must rebel against by gluttonous, overindulging nature. I hope to make it a habit and never again give it a second thought.

And on a final thought... for the first time in my life I am losing weight for me.  My Andrew loves me just the way I am, and could care less if I lost 50 or stayed right where I was. I not only believe those words from his mouth, I feel those words through his love. I am loved, supported and have the best cheerleaders in the world.





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