Monday, January 24, 2011

Got a workout in! WOW! What a difference in my attitude. NOTE TO SELF: YOU FEEL GOOD WHEN YOU WORK OUT. YOU FEEL LOUSY WHEN YOU DON'T!

I ate light today, burned off about 196 calories in the 30 minutes I worked out. Here is a surprise... I really enjoyed the running part. REALLY? ME? RUNNING? Yeah, I mean you just run in place, but I liked it. I liked the burn. Boxing is still my favorite aerobic activity so far. I like the Hula but I am kind of all over the place still and it hurts my back a little. Yoga feels AMAZING.

I deleted my stats on the Wii and started over again today. I changed my weight loss goal to 25 lbs in 6 months from now, which is the end of July. That's 1.6 lbs per week, which may be a bit high so I may readjust later. I thought why not set high, and see what I can do.

Stats: 207 lbs (ouch)

BMI: 33.3 (holy ouch)

Waist: 47 in. (at the belly button... not sure if that is the right place to measure or not, but as long as I am consistent in where I measure I am sure that will be good enough. )

Arms: 13.5 in. (left) 13 in. (right)

Thighs:  20.5 in. each

Bust: 41.5 (measuring under breasts, obviously. They change by the hour!)

I have consumed about 1100 calories so far today. Shooting for 2000-2100.

I am going to do this. I stuck with breastfeeding, and that was 500000x harder than this is going to be. If I can beat all the odds and still breastfeed my baby at nearly 7 months (and beyond) then YES I can lose some damn weight.


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