Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Weight Loss!  YES!  This blog has seen it all! 

I hate going back and reading all the posts on here. It has always been more of a journal than I wanted it to be. But, I have to accept it for what it is. Maybe I can start (yet) another blog one day to reflect my humor one day. For now, I am only a little crazy enough to have 2 blogs. A bit ironic, isn't it? One blog reflecting weight loss and another reflecting gourmet food. Contradiction at it's finest!

So I got a Wii Fit for Christmas, cuz I was a good girl this year (thank you Santa!) I have done 3 days straight and I can't believe I am saying this but I ACTUALLY ENJOY IT. Yes, I am uncoordinated, out of shape and downright sad to watch. I bet it looks more like an episode of Mad TV than a workout routine. But I am feeling the burn in all the right places and breaking a sweat so that's what counts!

I have been losing .2 lbs per day! Which means by Friday I will have lost one pound! ONE POUND!  It doesn't seem like a whole lot until you put it into perspective... look at a pound of hamburger in the store... or a bottle of water... a bunch of bananas....  see??? That's what I removed from my body. A little more significant now, right? And to think I only have to do that 50 more times! A goal that in my mind seems very reasonable and absolutely attainable.

Goals you say? YES!  Here are my goals:

I am giving myself until December, 2011 to lose 50 lbs. My goal weight is 145-155 and somewhere in there will leave me looking healthy and feeling good. "Experts" say I need to be in the 130's to 140's, but I have been there before and felt too thin.  I prefer a softer more healthy look. That's my choice and I will be well within "healthy range."

I am giving myself until June, 2011 to lose 15 of those pounds. Why not half? Because the domperidone is going to fight me every step of the way. It is a stomach medication, a stimulant for your digestive system. It also raises your prolactin levels (hence its milk making power.) Prolactin will keep an extra 10-15 lbs on you to continue to make milk... it's what our bodies do and you really cannot stop that from happening. the stimulant part constantly empties my stomach making my appetite voracious at best. It's more than a "eating just because" issue. Your tummy growls, you are actually truly hungry. If I were fighting just habit it would be a little easier, but physical hunger is harder to ignore. Until I am off the DPD I will be pleased with just a small amount of loss. I plan on going off the medication in July, 2011 when Dalton turns a year. I may not wean, but I won't do the meds or herbs anymore. Since I have such a low supply without it, i am sure weaning will happen shortly thereafter and I will have my body back my August or September.  From what I have read of other ladies' experiences the extra pounds easily melted off after they stopped the medication and the breastfeeding. Fingers crossed I experience the same thing.

Diet is not something I am too terribly concerned with, meaning I won't be crash dieting, detoxing, calorie counting or anything else life-intrusive. What i WILL be doing is making as many smart food choices as I can, when I can. I won't throw myself under the bus for eating a handful of chips or candy. I won't freak out if I ate bread with my dinner. I will control my portions to the best of my ability and eat as fresh as my budget will allow. I won't be perfect every day, and if I have a day I just need to NOMS then I will. End of story.

Fitness goals are simple... do enough every day to lose weight and tone my body. i am not trying to look like Jillian Michaels. I want a nice, soft, reasonably thin shape. Not asking for too much there! and I want it to become part of my life, a normal integral part like brushing my teeth. so I plan on finding my stride and keeping with it. I have NO idea where this path will take me, but I have an open mind!

I am very excited to be done with child bearing, almost done with nursing (even though I will miss that part alot) and having my body back as my very own again. Closing a long and wonderful chapter and opening a brand new one!


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