Friday, March 5, 2010

Let me start by saying, I am thankful, thankful, thankful to be pregnant. So don't any of my 2 readers (am I being generous there) think I am unhappy or ungrateful...but I gotta vent.

Ryan has brought home yet another cold, which I promptly caught. My doctor, who I love and trust to pieces is on the conservative side when it comes to meds, so he basically refuses to assist in any way. NOT that there are so many options for a knocked up lady... but hell anything would be better than what I have for defense now, which is basically nothing. Hot tea. Orange Juice. Soft tissues. Sleeping sitting up. Yeah.

So here I am, 5 long nights into this unrelenting congestion. I CANNOT sleep to save my life. I get 30 minute to 1 hour stretches. Thats it. Then its awake for another hour or so, then back to sleep. Add in hip pain and my overactive bladder, yeah. Im getting maybe 4 hours a night.

Yesterday, the exhaustion and the hormones decided to get together and have a party. So I was on the brink of despair all day long. Everything made me cry. Everything made me mad. And you know, once you get into the self destructive path, theres no stopping the snowball of bad consequences.

Kudos to my Andy, who let me alone. He asked about my day, I said you don't wanna know how bad it really was. He asked if he could help. I said, yeah... Im going to bed after I make dinner. Bless the man, he nodded his head, ate his dinner, kissed me good night and I didn't hear a word from him until this morning. Im glad he knows when I need to be alone. Any sort of communication with me last night more than likely would not have ended well.

Well this is a new day. I feel terrible, I am still beyond tired, I think last night was one of the worst nights for sleep this week. But I refuse to allow the negativity overwhelm me today. Its payday, we need some things. Maybe a little retail therapy will take my mind of my misery!

OH, and I promise to blog more :::eyeroll:::


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