Thursday, October 21, 2010

An unimaginable tired...

I am so tired and worn down right now. I haven't felt this exhausted  in a very long time. I feel like perhaps I may be coming down with something, but its been almost 4 days and still have nothing that screams "your sick!" save for a little gastro-intestinal unhappiness. And I can easily attribute that to not eating very well lately. Which is directly related to not feeling well. Ah, the circle jerk.

Its more than just a "need some extra sleep" tired. Its that deep down ache of pure fatigue. Every joint in my body seems overexerted. I am starting to wonder if this is maybe a side affect of my recent herbal explosion. I really really hope not, because I am LOVIN the milk being so plentiful. As is Dalton.

Well, no time for whining now. Today is "G" day... the last day to get prepped for Grandma and Grandpa's EPIC garage sale. I am dropping Everit off at a friends house because yesterday he decided it would be cool to escape from their yard. It shaved about 15 years off of my life looking for him.. never again! So he can go play with his little girlfriend, Dani. And I can enjoy a less-stressful day of hard work.

7:00 am... lets see if I can manage to get 3 tired little boys fed, cleaned, dressed and out the door by 7:30. Looks like I get to skip YET another shower, lol. Peeew.


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