Friday, October 15, 2010

Its that time of year again.. where we honor our lost little one's. Besides my own experience, I have a plethora of friends and family that have suffered the loss of a child. It breaks my heart to know SO many have suffered.

To my sweet Taylin Jo: We love you SO much and KNOW for a fact you are here watching over us. There has not been one day gone by that I haven't thought of you...who you would be today, what you would look like? While I wouldn't trade your brother in for the world, I would love more than anything to have just ONE more day with you. We will see you at our mansion in Heaven my sweet baby girl. And there we will rejoice and dance and sing.

Here is Taylin's Story.

And while I could not POSSIBLY remember all of my friends and family's losses, I will list here who I can recall and we will light a candle and say a prayer in remembrance

The Benson Family (Taylin)
Alicia (Issac)
Grandma and Grandpa  (Jeffery)
Aunt TT (Rebecca Lynn)
Holly (Love bug)
Juli Bowen (many, many losses)
Carly (Baby C)
All of the ladies on

And finally, to those whom I may not know by name or face but am forever linked in sadness.

Dear Heavenly Father, please bless these families who have suffered with the loss of a child. We know you never take a soul that doesn't need to be taken. We know that you are a loving God and we trust and believe in your reasoning's. You are Almighty. Hold us all in your arms today Lord Jesus, and keep us in comfort through all our days before we reach your Heavenly Gates.  AMEN.


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