Sunday, October 17, 2010

So yeah, Exclusive Breastfeeding is the goal, naturally. But I realized how fortunate I am that Dalton can switch easily and happily between breast and bottle, human milk and formula. I see alot of other Moms on my birth boards having a rough time getting one or the other to happen. But we are easy peasy in that department. I can bust out a boob or a bottle and he is content either way! Not to mention Andy gets the opportunity to feed him, bond with him, etc...  I really DO have the best of both worlds!

But last night something so sweet... we had a HUGE Halloween party yesterday (I may blog about that later) and I really didn't see him for most of the party. He was getting passed around like a hot potato, and loving every minute of it! I never heard on squeal, screech or cry out of my baby. He is so content!
Anyhoo... after the party was done he was ready to nurse but I had some things to do so I tried giving him a bottle. He outright rejected it... which I found SO odd because I  knew he was hungry. I though, meh he must be over the people and the noise. We went to our bedroom and I tried the bottle again... NOPE. So I offered him boobies, lol. He LIT up like a street light! Smiled, cooed and waved his hands back and forth making the cutest face ever!!!  We nursed for a good 1/2 hour with the fan blowing on us (it was So hot in the house!) He passed out cold on the pillow for about an hour or so.

It's those little moments like that... so poignant and downright yummy. I want to keep those feelings inside of me forever to revisit whenever I need them.

He has nursed and slept all day. It has been SO nice. I love my baby so much.


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