Thursday, October 28, 2010

Relief in sight!!!

Ahh yes... finally my breast feels a little better today. Still sore to the touch, but more of a bruised feeling than a sharp pain! So happy I am on my way to healing! And so far, not a sign of thrush. I really think that grapefruit seed extract is helping some. I still expect us to get it, but maybe not as severe and surely not as quickly. Ha... famous last word's I am sure!

 Now as far as my supply goes.... well I don't know just yet. Yesterday afternoon *seemed* a bit improved. Dalton was less fussy and we were able to get back to minimum supplements. I am not too quick to judge though, as he sometimes has days where food is not a priority. Last night we were able to go without supplement again (thank goodness!) so I think things are looking up. I am going to get some more pumping in today as it surely cannot hurt! As soon as he naps I will do some power pumping again.

Now that I feel like I have kicked the sickness part of this I am going to put my home back together today. I have been "getting by" with surface cleaning since before the Halloween Party and my house looks like something out of a hoarders episode right now. Ok,  maybe not THAT bad... but still not a pretty site. I wouldn't let my Mom come over and see it like this! If you can't show it to Mom, then it needs some TLC.


So I got 1 oz so far today.. and thats with nursing every 1.5 hours!!!!  Looks like the milk is making its return!


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