Sunday, October 3, 2010

I am really not sure if these are even worth asking. So I will ponder them here on my little blog of bliss. I realize these behaviors are normal (not worried) but I wonder how many other Moms deal with these little quirks?

1. WHY is he so darn wiggly?  I know babies are wiggly. But he is so wiggly at the breast sometimes it makes me crazy. Pushing, pulling, squirming, talking. And all the while he is popping on and off the breast. He's not refusing it in any way. Just wiggly. It happens at different times of the feeding.... sometimes during letdown, sometimes in between... my guess is he is either getting too much milk or not enough.

2. WHY the good and bad nursing days? I know we just got through a growth spurt... and he was starving for 4 days. Understandable. But I really never know what to expect from nursing one day to the next. He can start out BF'ing beautifully, peacefully, and by noon he is wigglin' and fussin' and milk is dribblin' all over the place making a huge mess and frustrating us both.  On those days I am SO grateful for the pump and the supplement. Even Mommy has a limit on patience. Some days start out that way, and he goes on to nurse without issue for the rest of the day. It's strange.

3. WHAT is with the breast preference? Righty makes more milk no doubt. But Lefty has no let down problem, and really does have more to offer than he as the patience to take. When I pump after a feeding, Lefty always has more. I know he doesn't make more, there's just unclaimed milk in there. I work and work with Dalton, we always do Lefty first...but some days its just not worth the trouble.

If anyone who reads this has some input or stories to share about their LO's odd behaviors, comment! I woudl love to hear what you go through!

OK and the DPD update!  I honestly do not know HOW much more milk I am making... but I know this...

When I ran out of DPD we had to supplement like crazy... I am talking 20-24 oz per day he got with a bottle.

One week after I started back on, we were weaning down a bit. 14-18 oz per day.

Almost at the two week  mark!  I am counting yesterday as the first day out of the recent growth spurt... appx. 12 oz of supplement.

Here are the subtle differences that are indicating to me I am making more milk:

*Leaking after 6 hour sleep stretches from BOTH breasts.

*Dalton gulping at every feed... whether it was 1/2 hour or more hours between sessions.

*Longer letdowns... from around 3 minutes previous, up to 10 minutes current.

*Pain, tingling in breasts after the 2 hour mark... as if they are getting full and letting me know.

*Engorgement at the 6 or more hour mark.

*A strange confidence.... I know there is milk. I just KNOW. May not be all he asks for, but it's there.

I am so excited to see how much more this medication can do for me!!!


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