Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Caught me a SPOOKY!

So I am a huge believer and fan of the paranormal. However, I have never really bought into the ORB aspect of it. I have seen a few compelling things, but felt like they could have been easily explained away. But in the true fashion of the unknown, it takes a personal experience to make you think twice!

So I took this pic sitting on my couch...there is a window sitting behind me but the blinds are shut tight. There was no flash in this pic. I took several pics sitting in the same spot, and pointing in the same direction. This was the only photo that had this anomaly in it. I realize there could be several explanations and am open to all opinions. But I did gasp a bit when I saw this on the camera... and my first thought along with my faster beating heart was, OMG this is Taylin playing with her brother. So whether it is or not, I was comforted by the possibility. And If it is indeed a true spirit Orb what a blessing indeed. I know our passed loved ones watch us all the time... I don't need proof for that. But it would be cool to have another pic of my daughter.

Without further ado... this is the cropped and close up pic...

What makes me really feel strongly towards this being "other worldly" is that there is NOTHING else in this pic to indicate lighting issues, Sun rays, dust, bugs, etc... I also think its odd that you can see his face through it clearly... and I am not entirely sure if that is the way a true Orb manifests. Looking online I found conflicting opinions about that.

Here is the photo in its original state:

You can see that there is nothing else around... no shiny spots... no red eye, no.. anything. The Orb is very bright, and seems to be illuminating on its own. Also, in the close up shot it looks as if it is casting a shadow on Everits brow.... again I cannot be sure what that means.

So I little bit of Spooky to kick off the Halloween Holiday! I am pleased that there is even the possibility I captured something so special. And if it is just a sun spot, well.... that's ok too. 

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