Friday, October 8, 2010

Let me begin by saying YAY MILK! I feel full and happy and sassy... and without any doubts whatsoever I can say YES! Milk is increasing 10-fold! I believe the 4x4 dosage is working it's magic!

And here's the downside to this: At breast fussiness. Previously the fussiness was due to not enough milk, and I now believe that it may be related to an overactive letdown, lol. Lord we cannot win. I was reading some articles on kellymom about overactive letdown, and It sure does seem as if this is exactly what Dalton is doing now. The sputtering, the back arching, talking, fussing, etc... and the most frustrating thing is if he is even remotely tired or feeling crabs, he gets pissed off and starts to refuse the breast. Not entire refusal.. but I do have to fight with him to get him to stay on and get full.

So WTH do we do now? We retrain I guess... I am getting more and more confident that I am getting closer to making 100% for him. It will now be the process of making him TRUST again. And I need to start trusting too...

I really should be recording the supplement amounts per day so I can see the decrease. But if memory serves at all, I believe there was no more than 10 oz supplemented yesterday!!  I remember making 2- 4 oz bottles that he took only 1 oz from and I had to chuck. In fact, I believe he only took 2 full supplement bottles yesterday... one in the morning (he's always super hungry's in the morning) and one around 4 in the afternoon that I had Ryan give him so I could finish  making soup. I didn't make him another bottle until we got to my In Laws last night... he took 1 oz and that was it.

This could be it!  OMG!!! 


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