Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I was like a kid in a candy store pickin' up my big OL box of drugs from the post office LOL!  My friend and I sat down and popped 400 of those suckers out of their blister packs and into a pill bottle. I love that HUGE bottle of DPD!  I am a total dork, and I know this. I claim it even.

SOOO... I was doing a spot O research... Since I do have an ample supply I think I am going to go with the 4x4 regimen for a while. See how it pans out for me. I see my milk increasing every day, just a little more. I think that without question this is working for me. So I will go for the 160 mg per day.

Yesterday Mr Man took about 14 oz of supplement :0 . And I think 2 of those oz were unnecessary as he was really needing to poop. When  he has to poo he tends to over eat (I think in attempt to push it out?) So he kinda spit most of that back up again. I have VERY little formula left and not a DIME to buy anymore. Maybe I just won't buy it? HOW cool would that freaking be I ask you???

PUMP PUMP PUMP. MUST PUMP. ARghghgh.. must pump. PUMP. Send me JOEE PUMP YOU IDIOT VIBES!!  K thanks.


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