Tuesday, October 19, 2010

OR something else?

Before I begin let it be known that as a third time Mom I have come to expect the unexpected when it comes to sleeping patterns. I realize that they change daily, and am not in panic mode. But the last 10 nights or so it has been pretty rough on me. I am starting to wonder what the hell is going on here!

Dalton goes to sleep easily around 7-8 ish. He sleeps great until 1 am, when it all falls apart. He is up every hour on the hour. He is not screaming in pain or even really crying at all. He is just wiggly and grunting and rooting and whimpering and making Andy and I completely nuts. I have been latching him on in the side lay position and he will take a few drinks then pass out cold. An hour later it starts over again. And then again. And again. LAST NIGHT this all started at 10:30! Long night.

I try not to give him any supplement at night for two reasons:
1. So he understands that nighttime is for sleeping. He was doing 7-8 hour stretches, so I know he can go that long without starving to death.
2. So he comes to know that boobies are for nighttime. I don't want to be up making bottles at 2 am. I want to give him a snack (or a meal) and let him go back to sleep.

So I caved the last 2 nights and gave him 3-4 oz. in the hopes he would get super full and stay asleep for a few hours. He sucked it down, and I thought OK that's it! He is just extra hungry and needs a full belly. Nope, he is up in an hour rooting and wanting more milk. Latch him back on, 2 sucks, and he is out like trout. For an hour.

I don't mind breastfeeding at night. I am able to doze off while he eats. I will feed him every  hour if this is what he needs. But I am suspect of hunger only because he is not awake and crying which were his previous nighttime hunger cues. I am guessing this is comfort nursing? Keeping in mind the fact that we are still working towards a "normal" breastfeeding relationship, I have read that many babies get most of their milk at night. Perhaps this is what most nursing moms and babies do then?

On a strange note: Since taking those new herbs I have noticed that my palms and arms are itchy. Weird.


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