Friday, May 22, 2009

Dear Blog...

Today you have the honor of displaying my To Do List. I realize that as a blog, you have much higher literary expectations. You may even feel as if you are being demoted to a simple pencil and paper tool. I cannot blame you for feeling let down, blog. Your technology far surpasses that of simplicity. You are a vessel, sailing on the river Internet waving at the passers by on the shores. To fly the flag of every day tasks can seem demeaning. Please blog, feel no shame as you translate this binary code. Do not think of it as a simple task list. Think of it as your opportunity to represent the voice of Domestic Engineer's everywhere. Nay, do not shed tears of disappointment! Your unique voice shall carry an important message worldwide! Let the pride of American representation surge through you!

Your Author.


Family is nigh! And I must cleanse the home! Its actually in great shape, but I want to be sure all is good...

1. Clean out and organize pantry.
2. Fold and refold blankets and sheets.
3. Wash Rugs.
4. Swiffer floors (bathroom, kitchen, and the hearth.)
5. Dishes.
6. Sweep/hose down deck
7. Sweep/hose down front walk path and driveway.
8. Clean the boys room (ACK!)
9. Cut fresh roses.
10. Dust.
11. Bedroom dresser.
12. Do a few loads of laundry.

I did some extras too! I showered *gasp* and I watered the lawn and new bushes! Go me! Oh, and I changed the sheets on our bed... and in the babies crib too. Now I am pacing....

Red represents in progress or finished! Cannot wait to see my Daddy!


Dear Author,

You are full of shit.



  1. Deidre said...

    oh and, hearth?

    Is that like the earth but smaller?

    Deidre's list of the day:

    1. dont go crazy
    2. Fold the gajillion loads of laundry that are hanging out on my couch.
    Joee said...
    Ehehhe! i am dusting the Tiny earth!
    Leigh Anne said...
    hahah. joee. you are funny :) have fun w/ the fam!

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