Wednesday, February 2, 2011

That's my excuse anyway, for not working out the last 5 days. I haven't even weighed in, although my waist measurement stayed exactly the same which tell me I have lost little to nothing. I have been quite diligent about my calories and my fat, coming in under the fat limit every single day... I guess I should bit the bullet and weigh myself in.

So I have tried different calorie levels on different days to see what my hunger level is at, how I feel, etc... I know I cannot just drop to 1500 and call it groovy.. I need to be careful to keep my body from holding onto the fat it doesn't need in a moment of panic. I have found that the 1800 calorie days keep me full, happy and feeling optimal. Anything less and I am hungry and feeling run down and overtired. BUT, as it appears at this moment in time, 1800 calorie days are not helping me at all. Crap. I am very close to ditching this weight loss thing until I can get off the meds and wean this little man. Not because I can't handle it, but because I think my body is rebelling against it.

AND to top of my frustration, I threw up this morning for no apparent reason. I feel very very tired and weak and icky... so it looks like the virus that all my babies shared has finally hit me...and I get the stomach version. Thanks kids!

I will post tomorrow about my weight loss/gain and what I decide to do about it. I am not giving up, but it just may not be the right thing to do right now, right? I am not sure.


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