Thursday, February 3, 2011

... cuz' we have a lot of it around this house. After having Ryan home almost all week last week, the babies caught the bug. Everit and Dalton fevered over the weekend and were left with snotty noses. I thought that was the end of it when the fevers broke, but now Everit is having tummy issues that are NOT for the faint of heart... we are talking full on carpet soaking blowouts here.

So last night, after feeling awful all day and dealing with Everit's GI issues, we had a break in the fun and I took a breath and sighed relief. ONLY to find him crying in his room with another poo-splosion... as I was getting him to the bathroom to get cleaned up Ryan comes running in with blood POURING and I mean POURING out of his nose. Blood was everywhere... in the carpet, on the couch, on the kitchen floor, and all over him. Thankfully Andy took that task on. Once his bleeding stopped we got him in a shower to  get cleaned up as well. Between 4 pm and 8 pm that shower was on 5 times... just to give you a hint at the destruction.)  By 8:30 babies were in bed, Ryan was chillin' and I went to bed as well praying for a peaceful night... fast forward to 11:30 pm.>>>>>>>>>>

Baby wakes up to nurse. His nose is so stuffy he can't stay latched on, so he pops on and off over and over until 2:30 am, when Everit ibegins screaming from his room. I fly out of bed, only to find him puking all over his floor. Get him cleaned up and get everything into the washing machine when I discover I am SO out of laundry soap its not funny. I pour water into all the empty containers and swish and pray I had enough to wash the smell out. Get Everit back to bed with the "fake" snuff. He wakes up at least 4 more times, thankfully Andy got up and did that call of duty as Dalton was back to trying to nurse again. I didn't fall  back asleep until 4, and it was a rough sleep at that. Fast forward to 6 am....

Everit is moaning in his room, bent over. He has the big D (don't mean Dallas!), AGAIN. Ryan runs from the bathroom holding his ear because it is killing him. Andy is in the bed making sure Dalton doesn't roll out. I shower Everit, get him on the bed cuddled up and warm... run to Ryan and give him eardrops hoping it will stop his pain. He is really really hurting, I can tell by his face. I run back to get Everit dressed. Somewhere in there I manage to make a pot of coffee. Get the babies to the living room, Ryan back in his room to get some rest, grab some coffee.

Its 8:30 now... Everit has had two more D incidents, and he is cramping when it happens now... crying and bent over. It is SO sad, I can't help him. I am trying to get him to drink as much as possible but as normal per kid, they don't wanna drink when they don't feel good.

My Grandma called and offered to help today... I DO need laundry soap, Pedialyte and wipes. So I think I may call them now and see if they can bring some stuff to the house. I will owe them big time, but I know I don't want to drag my babies out in 2 degree weather.

If you got the time, say a prayer for us. It's one heck of a day.


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