Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Angry little hands...

He has fists of fury, this little one. He has always been grabby, but being the size (and carrying the strength) of a one year old it is really starting to hurt. I was woken up at 4:30 this morning by being pinched and scratched. I am tired, and a little on the grumpy side. When he started in this morning I firmly put his arm down and told him NO! Which started a heartbreaking crying session. He calmed down and we nursed some more, until he started in again. I repeated the discipline which caused another upset cry that forced us up out of bed. I could tell he was more upset than anything... like I broke his little heart. Broke my heart too. But he has to know that what he is doing is wrong. How do you tell that to a 6 month old?

His arms and hands seem to have a mind of their own when he nurses. He is constantly flipping them around and grabbing at my shirt, my skin, whatever is in the path. He likes to pull on my lips and poke my eyes. I feel like he is trying to rip my face off. I realize he is not trying to hurt me, but it hurts none the less. During the day I can easily keep them occupied by playing with him, giving him a toy, a blankie, anything to keep his paws occupied. But at night, oh man does it get bad. Binding his arms does not work. Socks and mittens may stop the scratching but it doesn't help the pinch. He is not a swaddle friendly baby.

I enjoy nursing at night because it relaxes me, and it keeps my supply nice and full. I enjoy snuggling him and smelling him and loving on him. While I would like a little more sleeping freedom, I don't feel ready to end co-sleeping. But if this continues I am going to have to bring it to a halt.

We HAVE begun familiarizing him with his bed (the pack n play) in our room. He sleeps there from bedtime to around 11 pm when he wakes up and he settles into bed with us. He nurses on and off until we are up for the day, usually around 6 am. We really do not have an ultimate plan for getting him to sleep on his own, as this breastfeeding, co sleeping thing is rather foreign to us. My other babies slept with me, but were in their own cribs by this time.

I am gonna call this morning a fluke... he did only take ONE supplement bottle yesterday, so it is possible that  he was just a little extra hungry and the boob was not giving him enough causing him some frustration. He sucked down 4 oz this morning as if it were going out of style. BUT, if those fists don't stop flying he is going to be sleeping alone from now on! I can handle most anything, but not getting injured in the wee hours of the morning.

Any advice from a Mom who has it, I would appreciate hearing it!


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