Thursday, September 16, 2010


My supply that is. 24 hours without the meds and the greek and bam! Im making 1/2 the milk I was. I had to give him a bottle twice already, and its only 6 am. I didn't wake up feeling full like I have been. He is not swallowing as greedily as he was. Poopsticks.

ON a scary note, I woke up this morning to a blank computer screen with nothing but a DOS prompt. I almost melted down right then and there. Thankfully, it was just a windows update that made things a bit screwy and somehow was trying to make my computer boot up from the wrong drive. Even more thankful I know enough about computers to understand that was the issue. Little things like that can cause one alot of time, money and heartache if you do not understand the basics!

I cannot even FATHOM losing the pictures on this computer. I cried instantly thinking of what I could have lost. SO, looks like I will be devoting some serious time to organizing and backing up my photos. Ironically, while trying to fall asleep last night I was thinking of how I would like to organize my pics into more reasonable and accessible folders. I really do have quite the mess, lol. I will do little bits at a time and back up as much as I can as I go.

Best news of all, I have COFFEE!!!  Yeah scored a new carafe last night at Kmart. I couldn't endure another coffee free day. Or rather, no one would want to endure me. I am going to my Grandparents to clean today. LOL.. another reason coffee is so flippin' important.

Later on today or tomorrow I will be blogging about an idea that was planted in my head. Non BF related. I am going to gather some more details today, and hopefully start organizing some thoughts about it. Might be something big!


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