Friday, September 10, 2010

Puh..Puh... POIPLE!!!

Purple is my color, apparently. I wear it well. According to Andy, the purple nips are "f*&*** HAWT. Like pasties."  LOL. See why I love this man so much?

It was not as bad as I thought it would be...but we didn't nurse yet either. I used olive oil on Daltons cheeks to help the staining and it worked! We were able to contain the purple to the mouth only.I think he looks adorable! Like a  little zombie baby! And what do we feed zombie babies???????

PURPLE MILK!!! Talk about the shock of a lifetime when I pumped last night, LOL!  It really is a beautiful hue. A little tough to get over the color, lol. I thought for sure he would reject it! But he chomped down OZ's and is now sleeping like teh un-dead!!!

I am very happy that I quit being stubborn and went to the doc. My breast hurts so bad still. This is more than thrush without any doubt. I am still engorged from last night. I cannot empty this breast to save my life... and it's making me extremely nervous. I keep pumping for short periods of time, 5-10 minutes. That's all i can really take, pain wise. I am getting little bits and little bits.... I am hoping, like yesterday and the day before, it finally releases the milk. Usually the 9 am pump lets it go. I hope so.

I have prayed over myself for healing. And if anyone who reads this has an extra moment to spare, I would really appreciate a healing prayer. I just feel like I have been hurting for months and months. I want to wake up NOT in pain. I wanna nurse my baby. I wanna walk my son to school. I need these things in my life. PLEASE LORD JESUS HEAL MY BODY!!!  Amen!


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