Friday, September 17, 2010


MEH MEH  MEH!!!  I promised myself I wouldn't panic... but I lied to myself. Because I am panicking.

The difference between this week and last week is ENORMOUS. Dalton was SO happy last week on the boob... He would pause halfway through that 10 minute let down and just smile! Now he is back to fussing and squirming and kneeding and scratching and oh it breaks my heart. Just breaks my heart.

I pumped to see what was going on... I got about a 2 minute let down and got about 1/2 oz. Yes I had just fed him but still... how depressing.  I am very thankful we still  have alot of formula! I bet we finish off that giant can before the DPD gets here.

THE GOOD NEWS IS!!  We will have enough to buy a buttload of DPD. AND I was on a forum yesterday that I frequent, and a person had posted that she had some spare DPD boxes she could send out. I thought, what the heck I will PM her and see if maybe she would be willing to help a total stranger out. Well PRAISE GOD she is more than willing. She will ship it out today, and I will simply send her the replacements when mine arrives. How awesome is THIS? So instead of 2 more weeks of NO supply I can get back on track by next week. Im touched and amazed by her kindness. It stands to reason though... low supply chicks need to stick together, lol.


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