Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I had  my Wic appointment today. I brought the hospital pump to exchange out. Me and the lady were chatting about BF'ing. She asked me how long I planned on doing it... my reply was as long as he wants! She got a strange look on her face (shes kind of a spaz anyway) and said, ya know.... (dramatic pause)  we have single use pumps (dramatic pause) that we do give to CERTAIN individuals (dramatic pause) that are commited to breastfeeding for the duration. I was like, OMG what? Are we talking about the Medela pump in style for me to keep all my own forever and evers? She says:  YES. I couldn't handle it, I BURST into tears of Joy and thankfullness!!  What a BLESSING!  THE bomb-diggity highly sought after retails for over $300 HOLY GRAIL of pumps!!!  FREE!  THANK YOU JESUS!!  THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!
She looked at me funny at first. then stood up and said. you are giving me chills Joee... THIS Is why i do this job. THIS is why I love my job!!  Of course that made me cry more!!

The only downside is that I cannot have any more formula checks. But she was kind enough to give me 2 cans she had on hand, knowing how hard we are trying to BF exclusively. In fact, this makes me want to try even harder to EBF now. What a blessing!!!  Maybe, just maybe, we can be THAT success story...the struggle against all odds, the support from places you  never excpected, the perseverance and finally the goal!!!  As Lord as my witness, and all of you that read this (all 1 of you!  LOL!) I will try my best and NOT give up. I really feel like this was my sign from God that not only am I doing the right thing, but that I am going to be successful! 

Wow... just wow. Forget the 12 week goal... lets make my NEXT goal one year!!!!


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