Monday, September 13, 2010

Fussy McFuss Pants!

So Dalton dun got himself overtired this weekend. Last night was a little tough. He really didn't even nap yesterday, save for a few cat naps.

I have BF'd him most of the morning... and gave into 3 oz of formula because he just kept passing out from exhaustion, yet would startle awake starved, repeat repeat. So I topped him off, and he took only about 1.5 oz before he finally fell asleep. He has been down for around an hour now. Praying he takes a good one!

So I pumped because I felt full even after the morning BF-athon. 3 OZ!!  WOOHOOO!!  Thats alot for me if I am acutally putting him to the breast! I am really stoked on that... and a little depressed because....

this is my last full day of DPD, then I am out. I cannot order any until Friday. Which means another 2 weeks before it gets here. SO bummed, as I really really feel like it is working for me. My breasts look full and firm again, I am pumping and feeding and making that baby happy whenever he wants milk. Yes, we still supplement with the formula. But I am going to try (not KILL MYSELF) but try to get into a BF/pump cycle that allows me to supplement with EBM only. Wouldn't that rule? Of course, the next 2 weeks I will be pumping just keep my already meager supply above water. Damn i wish I had really thought that purchase out a little more. Ah well..

SO I figured out.. i am taking 100 mg per day and getting decent results. It is said you can take up to 140mg safely. I really wanna try taking that higher dose. If the 100 mg is doing this well, I may do even  better with more. I want to order a 2 month supply, so I am covered for another couple of paychecks.

140 mg day = 14 pills.

2 months= 8 weeks= 56 days.

56 days x 14 pills per day = 784 pills.

I will purchase the 900 pill package at $115

900 pills will get me an additional 116 pills.

116 pills / 14 per day = 8 more days of pills.

So, for $115 I will have a 64 day supply. No too bad actually. Come on Friday.

And because I am weird:

I spent $28 on 100 pills = $.28 per pill.

$.28 per pill x 900 = $252!!!  So yeah... Im gonna save a dollar or so buying bulk! Crap at that price I may have to buy even more, lol..


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