Wednesday, September 22, 2010


The DPD arrived last night! I took 5 pills straight away! I am SO happy and thankful for the kindness of a stranger!  When I get my shipment in, I am going to write a nice thank you note for her, and maybe even send a jar of home canned tomatoes as a gesture. She took a very real chance sending that to me, and I really want to properly express my gratitude to her!

I have been waffling about the dosage.. but I have settled on the 140mg to start. I think it will give me a jumpstart on my milk production and saving my sad sad supply.  If I find it overfills me (wouldn't that be awesome?) I can always back off.

I have not been doing my supply any justice though. I have been working so much at my Grandparents these last few weeks I have been sacrificing all of my precious pump time... I wouldn't change it for the world as I love helping my Grandparents, but I know I need to take this weekend to nurse/pump nurse/pump. Poor Andy. he probably would like one weekend where I am not sleeping and/or too busy to pay attention.  These first few months of babyhood are always the toughest!

WAHAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!  The call of the WILD!!  Off I go!


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