Monday, September 20, 2010

Its sneaking up on me...

the milk that is. I think the herbs are finally kicking in!!  What a nice feeling! I hated being all floppy and empty. Weaning is gonna be hell for me, whenever that happens.

 PRAYING the DPD arrives in the mail today! Oh how I would squeal and smile! And I got shipping confirmation for my order as well... hope we make it through customs!

And so.. we will be hitting the 11 week mark on Thursday. I can hardly believe that A. My  baby is 11 weeks and B. I haven't given up yet. Two little miracles that mean so much to me! And despite the issues we have had I have to say that I LOVE breastfeeding. Even on the tough days. And all those people who said it gets easier? They were right. Problems or no problems, it is now something I believe is a solid part of our lives. It no longer consumes my every waking thought like it did before. I am more relaxed about it. Hitting that point where I am proud of any drop he gets has been the most amazing milestone for me. OF COURSE I would love nothing more than to be his sole source of nutrition. But really, with all my breasts have been through they are doing an amazing job. And Dalton and I share something special together. A little something different from my other baby boys. I have such a unique and special connection to all my babies... I love them all so much and so individually. I wish there were a way to put into words how differently and wonderfully you love each of your children! NO way to explain it... you just gotta be there.


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