Monday, September 6, 2010


That damn DPD finally got here! 2 weeks to the day from when it was shipped... talk about the short (or is it the long?) end of the estimated shipping stick. Ah well, can't complain. At least it got through customs! Shady ass...

When I woke up from my long and luxurious 4 hour nap on Saturday afternoon my DPD had arrived. I took 3 pills right away, and another 3 before bedtime. Yesterday I took 3, then 3, then 4.. so I guess I am trying 100mg per day. the dosage is really just a trial for every person. Some take as little as 80, some as much as 160 per day. Seeing as how I am a COMPLETE freaking idiot and only ordered 100 pills, I decided that 100mg per day will give me the best chance at seeing if it is at all helpful. Ahaa.. and if it IS? I get to wait another 2 weeks for more (thanks to being broke as ususal!) I am gonna throw down the cash and order a buttload if I feel its worth it. I hope its worth it. Who am I kidding? Im gonna order more at the first golden opportunity becuase this trial run is not sufficient in determining what this med can do for me. Doing my research it took a full 2 weeks to see the results, and then more at 4, and more at 6. So it takes some times. Which takes more pills. Which takes more money. Which I don't have. Story of my life.

Thus far I can't report much. My supply has been so up and down these last few days with the clogged duct and long nights and weird naps and that new pump. I just can't issue a statement as of yet. I FEEL fuller, but again things have just been off balance this weekend. I keep reminding myself, that regardless of how much prolactin is surging through  my system CHANCES ARE my surgeries have simply limited the amount of ducts in working order. There is only so much they can do. If I have 1/2 the ducts a normal lactating woman has, then I will make 1/2 the milk. The surviving members can only do so much!

This morning, well even last night I felt like I had alot more milk to offer. After the 1 am feed, I pumped, and could not get a freaking letdown to save my life. That pump, I just don't know. It works great sometimes, and others its completely useless. I tried cycling, different suction speeds, massage, compression, heat... and my boobs wouldn't drain. SO thankful he has been eating good or I would be in a world of hurt right now!!  I don't think I could ever EP with this damn pump...

Despite my confidence in a somewhat increased supply, Dalton is still taking ounces after feeding. Which by now shouldn't bother me in the slightest, lol. But it does. I think it always will. Oh and praise God Andy's parents bought us a HUGE can of formula. Praying it lasts till the next payday! 2 loong weeks. LONG weeks.

Dalton's latch is still poop. Kid is the size of a 6 month old now, and he still cannot latch to save his life. My nip is sore, and I cannot wait for the day he just stops hurting me. Of course that should coincide with more teeth, which will be a whole new can of worms for us I am sure.


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