Saturday, September 4, 2010

Worst night EVA...

Where do I begin?I HATE this pump!

 I finally got to bed around 8:30 pm, and I had pumped just before but I knew I felt fuller than I should. But Dalton was already passed out and no way was I gonna wake  him up to latch on, so I went to sleep. I didn't get up until 1 am and I was FULLY ENGORGED to the point that I could not even touch my breast. I got my compress, set out to pump, and I had to pump 20 minutes to even get some relief. Not even 2 oz??/  Are you kidding me? There had to have been 4 gallons in there! I was too tired to go on and went back to bed.

4 am Dalton is up again hungry. I feed him a bottle, and realized I was engorged AGAIN. But I was tired, and knew he would be up at 5:30 again, so I said F it and layed back down. 10 minutes later here comes Ryan...he had puked all over his floor. Great. So I scrubbed puke until 5 am. I set to pump again, and NOTHING was happening. After 10 minutes not even a full ounce. I warmed up the compress 4 times, trying to get something to shake loose.. nope.

5:30 am, Dalton wakes like clockwork. I decided I had to latch him on no matter HOW bad it hurt because this sorry excuse for a pump isn't doing a damn thing. I said a Prayer to the Lord, to help it not hurt. AMEN. Prayer answered. It was uncomfortable, but not that blinding pain I was experiencing the day before. Yes relief! He was able to un-gorge me finally.

6 am he's full and sleepy so we lay down. He starts fussing. i tried to just let him wiggle himself to sleep but he wouldn't. I sat back up, nursed him again, an finally he dozed off. I was almost asleep when...

MAMA! gets screamed from Everits room. I get back up and try to lay him down again. Crawl back in bed and when my head hit the pillow he opened his door.I yelled at him to go back to sleep... then Andy flew out of bed like he was freaking superdad or something and layed him down. He came back all huffy..i am now officially pissed off. 

6:30 Everits still awake but quiet in his room at least. Then out of the blue Dalton wakes up crying, refuses to calm down. I throw in the towel. I snatch him, slam the bedroom door on Mr "I need sleep more than you" and open Everits door. Make coffee.

7:30 am  Baby is still awake. Everit is calm. I have coffee. Andy and Ryan still asleep. I am blogging because if I don't get this out of my system, I am gonna be in a VERY VERY VERY VERY bad fucking mood.


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