Wednesday, September 8, 2010

How stupid am I? No really... I get the award today.

So the nipple pain has been EPIC ever since the plugged duct from last Thursday. And I kept making excuses for it... Oh its leftover pain, OH its his latch, OH its his tooth, OH its the new pump. BLAH BLAH. I have been barely able to nurse, and he really has not been able to keep his latch.

The other HUGE issue is that my letdown has really been, well, letting me down *snicker*  I kept blaming it on the pump, the pain, the engorgement, the bad latch, etc... Had a new excuse every single time. But I have never ever had a letdown issue, and it just seemed so out of place.

THRUSH you freaking idiot Joee, THRUSH. How many articles have I purused? How many books do I own? LAME. I have thrush, and I have it BAAAD. RED, flaky nipples, intense nipple and deep tissue pain, sharp shooting pain for an hour after feeding, no letdown, swollen unhappy boobs. DUH DUH DUH DUH. Dalton on the other hand has NO white patches whatsoever. Which is why I refused to believe it. AAAHHAA.

Nystatin! To the RESCUE! I think not. I am going to use it for the rest of the day, but after I pick up Squids from school I am going to get some gentian violet. I have read it really is the way to go, although the purple baby and purple nipples will be a bit akward.

FARK FARK FARK!!  I could have dealt with this a WEEK ago had i acutally paid some freaking attention!


ON a good note, Finally righty let down. I think the Nystatin must be something.

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  1. Joee said...
    Is it frekaing working NOW?

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