Thursday, September 2, 2010

the GOOD: Well last night was kinda spiffy! NO bottles until the 5 am feeding! WOOT!!  We BF'd at the 1 and 4 am feeding, and again at 5 but by then  he was WAY hungry and a little too fussy to be patient for the boob, lol. But wow what an accomplishment! I was super stoked!

the BAD: He is all but refusing lefty now. He has a kitten over trying to latch on. I dunno if this is a phase, or if Lefty has officially been deemed an enemy... but I will keep trying. AND I noticed that he did not have very full pee diapers this morning either... they were wet, but not heavy wet. Kind of dissapointing. I was hoping that by some small miracle I had actually satisfied him. But I think its more of a "too tired" issue. He is really all about his nighttime sleep. Good, and bad.

And my supply..ack. Its sad right now. I HAVE to pump. Just have to. And where the FLIP is my DPD? I  think what I may do is talk to Andy and explain that Sunday-Monday I need to have a nurse in, OR  power pump my flippin brains out. I can't decide whats best... with pumping i KNOW thatmy breasts will be stimulated properly..but that means bottles for Dalton, and I am forver scared he wont go back to the  breast. I f I nurse, then I run the chance of not doing anything at all because of his poor latch and un-wilingness to nurse lefty.

*sigh*  Decisions Decisions.


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