Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Let the SCIENCE begin!

I got all my herbs in! All kinds of new things to try! YAY!!  I got some new one's I had been eyeing... nettle, goats rue and even some Go lacta! So I am going to try a "new" herb per week, and cycle them in and out to see what, if anything changes about my supply.

I don't have enough Goats Rue I think to really get a good kick in, but I decided to take them anyway at 1x3 dosage.  Nettle is 2x3.  And taking the usual fenugreek 4x4, marshmallow root 3x4 and blessed thistle 3x4. And staying with the max dose of DPD at 4x4. I am going to stick with the Fenugreek and thistle and cycle out the marshmallow and nettle this weekend. Then Monday I will start with the Alfalfa, run that a week and see if there is any differences.

I started taking these Monday evening, so I am 2.5 days in to the new herbs. Yesterday Dalton ONLY had 2 supplement bottles! One around 6:30 am and one around 5:30 pm at 5 oz each. So only 10 oz supplement! This is 2oz less than the "norm." It could have easily been a fluke day though so I refuse to count my chickens.

This morning he took a 4 oz bottle like normal. I am really excited to see what he does today!

Oh, and an update on the attitude change.. working like a CHARM. Despite the fact I am still fighting off this cold I have really felt the difference. I have not looked at the clock in 3 nights, and I am really not missing it at all. I was up at 5:30 spry as ever. I am of course a little exhausted by evening time, but that is to be expected, all things considered.


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